Do you ever feel:

  • guilty about eating food?                      
  • ashamed about how or how much you eat?
  • the urge to sneak or hide food, even when you eat by yourself?
  •  out of control with your eating?
  • confused about how much to eat?
  • ​guarded in sharing your thoughts and feelings about food, your  weight and your body? 
  • consumed by thoughts about food, your weight and body size?
  • ​overwhelmed because you're not skinny enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just plain not enough?  
  • ​terrified of gaining weight?
  • the urgent need to exercise after eating to burn calories?

I will support consistently.  

I realize change takes time, and over time, I will gently guide you in    finding peace with food and peace in your body.  

I will listen attentively.

Together we will carefully   establish achievable nutrition goals    and a realistic plan for change. 

If so, there is hope.  Allow me to help.

I will educate patiently. 

Because knowledge provides    

awareness, we will explore your thoughts and beliefs around your eating behaviors and decisions. 

Kristin Kwak, MS, RD, LDN

Buckingham Green

4920 York Road, Suite 2BB 
Buckingham, Pennsylvania 18928

​​Kristin Kwak

    MS, RD, LDN